What is the difference between home inspections and home electrical inspections?

While most people confuse home inspections with home electrical inspections, there’s a big difference between the two. You may be thinking about the general home inspections you can get when you buy a Minneapolis home, but the electrical inspection is much more focused on safety.

Home electrical inspections are performed by a licensed master electrician to ensure the home’s electrical system is up to code and safe to use whereas the general inspection can be done by any individual who gets certified in general inspections. This certification in the state of Minnesota, and many other states, only takes a few weeks to a few months to get.

electrician conducting home electrical inspection

Just keep in mind that the person getting certified isn’t necessarily qualified to identify and inspect all the electrical components in your Minneapolis home. However, some ex-electricians do get into this field because of health reasons or other reasons.

Being licensed and experienced in residential electrical service work in Minneapolis is a major component of performing an accurate electrical safety inspection.

If you’d like to learn more about home electrical inspections, continue browsing the information below from our master electricians in Minneapolis.

Why Home Electrical Inspections Are So Important

Most people don’t think about a house fire or electric shock until it’s too late. The inspection is a preventive way to ensure your electrical system can safely meet your household’s demand for power. While the state of Minnesota provides an extensive list of regulations, it is highly recommended to get a regular home electrical inspection from a qualified electrician.

home electrical outlet on fire

Bad wiring is the number one cause of house fires, but the wiring isn’t the only thing to blame. Other than the age of the electrical system, the most common reasons for bad wiring are:

  • Overloaded electrical systems
  • Power surges
  • Badly done electrical repairs
  • New wiring installations done wrong
  • DIY projects
  • When To Get Home Electrical Inspections

If you ask professional electricians how often to get home electrical inspections, you’ll probably find several different answers. Our Minneapolis electricians recommend every 5 to 7 years or so.

If you’re leasing out the home, it’s best to get an electrical inspection every five years. You never know what tenants may have done with the lighting or other components.

A general rule of thumb is to never let 10 years go by without getting another one but it’s best to get one done sooner for your safety. You’ll also want to get one done for other reasons such as:

  • When you’re buying or selling a home
  • If you suspect or know you have an electrical problem
  • When a home electrical inspection has never been done
  • Anytime you’re adding electrical outlets, lighting, or a new heavy appliance

electrical outlets

What To Expect From Your Home Electrical Inspection

Your Minneapolis electrician should inspect every aspect of your home’s electrical system right down to the outlet connections and wiring inside the walls, in the attic or crawl space, inside the breaker box, and outside. Your main service panel as well as additional sub-panels need to be tested and inspected for a possible upgrade.

Your inspection should end with the electrician providing a detailed written report covering the current condition of your system and any recommended repairs or upgrades. You’ll also receive a cost estimate which you can use for insurance claims purposes, negotiating a home purchase price, or just for your own information.

At the very least, getting this home safety service will give you the peace of mind knowing you’ve prevented a possible disaster. It’s an extremely affordable preventive service, so don’t hesitate to get one done!