If you’re selling or buying a home, a home inspection is a must. If you’re a seller, a home inspection allows you to prove to potential buyers that your home is fully functional and safe to live in. For buyers, having that reassurance will make it easier for them to sign on the dotted line. It’s important you clear up the things that fail a home inspection.

If you’re looking to sell your home and want to ensure that it sells fast, consider signing up for a home safety inspection as soon as possible. Here are some common issues that will fail a home inspection.

Things That Can Fail a Home Inspection

Electrical Problems

things that fail an inspection

Electrical problems are one of the biggest reasons why a home may fail a home inspection. Home inspections are all about making sure a home is safe to live in, and electrical problems can cause major issues. Every year, over 50,000 home fires are caused by electrical problems.

If you believe you have electrical issues in your home or just want to make sure everything is working as it should be, give Electric City a call. We’ll come by for a safety inspection and a free consultation. We’ll offer solutions to repair any issues, keeping your budget in mind throughout the duration of the project.


As you may have guessed, mold is also a big issue with many homes and a reason why they fail inspections. It isn’t always visible, and oftentimes it won’t have the stereotypical musty smell. For this reason, many homeowners have mold and don’t even know it. Getting occasional mold inspections is a good idea in general, regardless of whether you’re selling your home or not.

Roofing Problems

roof inspection

Even if your home is sturdy and safe from the foundation up to the top floor, it still may be compromised by roofing issues. A fully functional roofing system is essential to ensure the safety of your home. Even the smallest of roof leaks can turn into much larger ones, therefore putting the whole home in danger of water damage or even a roof collapse. Roofing repairs can be expensive, but they are necessary if you’re going to sell your home. A bad roofing system can be a huge turn-off for buyers and will almost certainly lead to a failed home inspection.


A house that was built a while ago (prior to the mid-1980s) may have asbestos issues. This is because materials used back then often contained asbestos. According to the Mesothelioma Center, when asbestos dust is inhaled or ingested, mineral fibers can become permanently trapped in the body. Over decades, trapped asbestos fibers can cause inflammation, scarring, and eventually genetic damage.

Foundation Issues

If you don’t want to fail a home inspection before putting your home on the market, it’s wise to take a look at your foundation. Make sure that it’s in tip-top shape; otherwise, potential buyers will likely stay far away from your property. Foundation problems can come in many different forms, for example, cracks in floors and walls and a sinking home. Foundation issues are also not a quick fix, so try and identify them well in advance of your home hitting the market. Otherwise, a home inspection will almost certainly result in failure.

HVAC Issues

hvac home inspection

A problem with the HVAC is also a common culprit for causing a failed home inspection. For example, an HVAC wiring issue will often go unnoticed by the homeowner, but an inspector will certainly find it and refuse to pass the inspection. If you believe you have HVAC wiring issues, reach out to Electric City today. Our team of electricians is well versed in HVAC wiring repairs and installations.

Termite Damage and Rotting Wood

Termite infestation is a nasty problem that can lead to some serious damage to your home. In fact, termites are often found in homes with mold, as the mold tends to attract termites. Termites and the wreckage they leave behind can be tricky to spot on your own, so make sure to call an inspector to check your home now and then.

One tell-tale sign of termites is wood rot. However, wood rot can also be caused by mold or a combination of age and moisture build-up. To ensure that your home is free from wood rot, the inspector will check out windows, the roof, wooden structures, decks, and your doors.


To ensure the electrical in your home is ready to pass a home inspection, call Electric City right away. We work with homeowners to get their electrical systems not only ready for inspection but safe and functional for years to come. Contact us, today!