As more drivers are turning to electric vehicles, EV charging stations are becoming a priority in commercial parking lots. With green initiatives, the demand for electric vehicles is growing, and so is the demand for the best commercial EV charging stations.

Property managers that want to increase their revenue can add EV charging stations that offer monetization opportunities. Some work with mobile apps where drivers add their debit or credit cards. Others offer drivers the opportunity to swipe their cards when they need a quick charge.

The top EV chargers are fast, convenient, and easy to maintain. Property managers should pay attention to the vehicles visiting their parking lots. Tesla offers an affordable option, but not every EV can use a Tesla charger. Other considerations for commercial EV charging stations should include DC fast-chargers that get drivers back on the road in about 30 minutes.

Blink Charging Stations

Some of the best commercial EV charging stations come from Blink Charging. Their six different commercial options include EV charging stations with mobile emergency chargers. Their popular DC fast-charging stations let drivers charge up quickly and be on their way.

Blink Charging also offers traditional AC charging stations as well as options for two-wheel vehicles like scooters and e-bikes. These charging stations work with the cloud-based Blink Network, so property managers can monetize their charging stations.

Property managers can choose to use Blink Charging in four different ways. Property managers can buy the system, or they can work with a Hybrid Owned program. Blink Charging can stay in control of each station with Blink as a Service or Blink Owned.


  • It has an 18-foot cable
  • You can preset your charging time


  • Professional installation is recommended

ChargePoint EV Chargers

No one has a larger charging station network than ChargePoint. The system relies on a mobile app to show drivers where to find the stations, whether they are being used, and if they assess a charge.

ChargePoint EV chargers include four types of stations, and two have DC fast-charging. Drivers who use the ChargePoint Express Plus station can get 500 kW into their vehicles, making it the fastest EV charger as no charging station offers more power.

Commercial property managers can choose to monetize a ChargePoint station. Public users pay a small fee to access the station, making them popular choices for property managers who want to reap some rewards by offering a convenient and powerful charging point.


  • You can access the system via your phone
  • It’s a large EV charging network


  • They’re not compact and may take up quite a bit of space

chargepoint ev charging station

Tesla Commercial EV Charging Stations

Property managers looking for one of the best commercial EV charging stations should look no farther than the Tesla Commercial EV Charging Station. The Tesla Charging Station is inexpensive and attractive. They work well inside and outside.

While the Tesla EV charging station is one of the highest-rated EV chargers, it only works with Tesla electric cars. So, drivers with other makes and models cannot use it.

If property managers choose a Tesla Charging Station for Tesla EV vehicles, they should also add one for non-Tesla EV cars. Unfortunately, the Tesla charger cannot be monetized – which makes property managers turn to other charging station brands. On a positive note, they all have Wi-Fi, so they have automatic over-the-air updates.


  • Compact and sleek design
  • Wi-Fi enabled


  • It can only be used to charge Tesla vehicles

tesla charging station

PowerCharge EV Charging Station

PowerCharge sells two commercial-grade Level-2 chargers. The company can install, finance, and design the stations. They can also get permits from your local government agencies before installing them. The company takes pride in being a turnkey provider, so property managers do not have to worry about the steps it takes to install their charging stations.

The charging stations connect to the “Pro-Link” network for monetization through point-of-sale systems. When drivers use the system, they swipe their cards or arrange for automatic payment through their mobile app. Property managers who do not need monetization can choose a network-free setup.

While the PowerCharge system is easy to use and offers plenty of financial opportunities, they do not offer the popular DC fast-charging option. The DC fast-charging system is a must-have to help drivers get on the road as quickly as possible.


  • You can charge any EV
  • You can choose from networked or non-networked stations


  • There’s no DC fast-charging option

EVBox Commercial EV Charging

Along with ChargePoint, most EV drivers recognize the stations owned and sponsored by EVBox. This company offers three types of chargers, with their most popular being the DC fast-charging station that provides up to 167 miles of range after 30 minutes of charging.

EVBox offers solutions for fleet vehicles, commercial parking lots, and public stations. They help with installation and maintenance. They also offer a software system to manage one or several stations in various locations. Like PowerCharge, they also offer turnkey solutions for property managers, and they help with managing the tax credits and other financial benefits.


  • The DC fast-charging provides over 150 miles after 30 minutes of charging
  • EVBox handles all installation and maintenance


  • There’s nothing to prevent drivers from “camping” at chargers

evbox chargers

EVgo Commercial EV Stations

Property managers who want an EV charging station but don’t want to deal with day-to-day management should look to EVgo. This company does not sell stations. Instead, they install and operate stations on their own. They do not charge the property owner. Instead, they use stations at popular locations to attract more EVs to favorite commercial locations.

EVgo only installs at locations with specific criteria. They tend to install their charging centers at grocery stores, hotels, shopping malls, and other high-traffic areas. EVgo only installs in locations that can support three or more stations that can be open 24/7.

If you want to investigate if EVgo is a good fit for your property, submit your details on their website.


  • You don’t have to manage the station daily


  • You can only install EVgo in locations that can handle three or more chargers

evgo charging stations

Choose Electric City For EV Charging Installation

Electric City can install your EV charger at your commercial property. We’ve partnered with Blink Chargers and they chose us as their top EV charging station installer. The EV chargers we install are user-friendly, compact, and sleek design make them popular with drivers and property owners.

The industry-leading Blink brand of EV charging stations will soon be available at all Ford and General Motor dealerships, and we can install one for you at your property, so you can have one of the fastest EV chargers available.

Here at Electric City, our installers have experience working with DC fast-chargers, Tesla Supercharging stations, as well as all charging stations built by Blink. We welcome your questions and offer free consultations through our convenient online form.